Hoverboard.Reset to factory settings

It happens that your Hoverboard starts behaving strangely: it twitches when driving, overclockes it too fast or too fast, gives incorrect information to the application ... And everything seems to be in order, the gadget was not beaten or wetted. It can be a software failure. Any firmware, even the most reliable, from time to time, buggy, on any device. And Hoverboard are not an exception, there are all kinds.

If you suspect that the problem is related to the software, it may be useful to reset the gyro controller to the factory settings. Moreover, this procedure is very simple, does not affect the warranty in any way and is performed literally in a minute. The setting is the same for both 6.5 inch Hoverboard  and 10-inch Hoverboard .

IMPORTANT: Even resetting the settings is best done in a specialized center! On some models with a sloppy reset, both gyro sensor boards may stop working!

How do reset the Hoverboard settings?

  • Of course, it is worth to first look at the instruction, but for the majority of models, this procedure is associated with the power button. You need to do this:
  • Place the gadget horizontally on some level surface. This position the processor will later remember as zero, so it is very important to achieve "maximum horizontality";
  • Now, very carefully, without moving the device, hold down the power button. Wait for a loud squeak from the gadget controller;
  • Release the button. Also neat! The light bulbs on the case will start to blink, just wait until this "light" is off. Usually the process takes 15-25 seconds. Wait for a minute;
  • Disconnect the gyro controller - as usual, by pressing the button.

Include and verify: everything should work fine.

Can I reset the settings using the remote control?


The beginning is exactly the same: put the Hoverboard  horizontally and hold it in this position. Further, instead of the power button, hold the "bell" and "open lock" on the key fob, wait for the signal. After that, everything is exactly the same as in the previous version.


This is how the mini-sigve is calibrated. We remind you that we still recommend that you manipulate any gyrocycle (except for normal use) to delegate to professionals - there is always a chance that something will go wrong in the hands of an amateur. Successful skating!


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